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Rules/ Tips for a Successful Swim

Rules for the Race Portion of the Event

Mask and fins are allowed and encouraged. 
No other propulsion mechanisms or water vessels allowed. 
The first swimmer to set foot on any part of the white sand beach on Atsena Otie wins!

Park in the free city parking lot across from the market, at the corner of SR-24 and 3rd Street. 

Bring a whacky flotation device with a paddle. Anything that's inflatable is perfectly fine! Please no hard kayaks or canoes for safety reasons. 
If you don't have a floatie, use one the pool noodles that will be provided free of charge!

Be sober! This is a vigorous channel crossing so you will need your wits about you. 
Arrive by 3:00 PM at the corner of G and 1st to check in and prepare for a 3:30 swim departure.
At the halfway point of the swim, you will see the Clam Boat Judy Elaine flying a flag. There is a football-field sized sandbar there where you can rest, grab a free water, and hang out until you are ready to make the final leg of the swim. 
Follow any instructions from the Clambassador, Fish and Wildlife Officers, and safety boat captains.

There will be clam boats lining the swim course. Feel free to stop and rest on any of them! Ask the captains to tell you all about the aquaculture industry on Cedar Key.

Have fun!

Tips for a Successful Swim for Non-Competitors

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